Free Site Promotion Strategies That Will Explode Your Traffic

One of the biggest problems for most webmasters today is to generate enough traffic to their web site so that it becomes profitable. With the increase in advertising costs on PPC search engines today this is becoming a major problem.

Unless you have a huge amount of money to invest in your business it will become very unlikely that you will succeed online. I have been advertising my business the last few years primarily with free advertising methods. In this article I would like to share with you some of these techniques that will help you to get targeted traffic to your web site.

1) Forum posting

This is a very overlooked method of driving traffic to your web site. Find high traffic forums related to your niche market and post frequently to them. It is very important to make quality contributions that will benefit other members. This will make you gain acceptance in the community which will help you to generate leads and new members in your business.

2) Article marketing

This is one of the most powerful methods that you can use to market your business. If you are not succeeding online using other paid methods of advertising I seriously suggest that you use this method. Usually people will read a few of your articles before they will sign up for your newsletter. This makes it easier to build trust with your prospects. Write articles frequently and submit them to the major article directories.

3) Press Releases

Announce the launch of your web site or any other newsworthy event to online press release sites. If it is newsworthy it will get picked up by other web sites in your niche market gaining additional exposure.

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